Word of welcome

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the next NSDS meeting, that will be held in a wonderful, centrally located venue near the Dutch broad sandy beaches, from August 27 through 29. The venue, called Duin and Kruidberg was a former luxurious private mansion that has now been totally refurbished into a beautiful congress facility. It is approximately half an hour by public transportation from Schiphol airport, and very close to interesting city’s like Amsterdam and The Hague.

This is the second time that the NSDS meeting will take place in the Netherlands. Five years ago we gathered in the heart of Amsterdam, this time we chose to stay closer to the traditional NSDS concept, in a venue near the sea, and with hotel and congress facilities all under the same roof. This means we will be close together as a group, which will facilitate scientific as well as social interaction. In case not everyone fits into the primary location, there will be additional hotel facilities nearby. We plan to provide bicycles that will allow beautiful rides through the sand dunes to the beach, where part of the social programme can take place.

We are very happy that we became part of the NSDS family a number of years ago, and feel that we are part of a culturally and scientifically homogeneous group, with great interaction among colleagues and friends. We should bear in mind that there are not many societies in Europe left with a focus on spinal deformity, and it is important for ourselves as professionals from different backgrounds, as well as for our patients to keep that format alive. For 2020 we expect to host a number of colleagues from both France and Great Britain, which will add to the scientific programme while we will still maintain the so typical NSDS open, lively, friendly and collegial atmosphere.

We hope to see you all in the Netherlands from August 27-29!

Rene Castelein
Marinus de Kleuver
Barend van Royen